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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Domestic Bliss

A short little post about division of household labor during The Holidays:

This year I spent a lot of time during Xmas with some friends. It strikes me today, the day after, that it was quite a relief to be in a place where the division of labor along gender lines was practically (though not completely) invisible. Everybody did some cooking, everybody did some cleaning, everybody did some taking care of the little kid.

In the past, with Xmas with The Family, there is always an uncomfortable amount of men sitting around doing little while women (and me, usually) went around doing little cleaning up tasks (though I'll have to admit that my stepdad, who loves to cook, also is very good about cleaning as he goes), or doing the dishes at the end of the meal.

This isn't an intricate examination of division of labor along gender lines--rather, it's an expression of happy-stuff when I realize that I wasn't reminded of this division incessantly this holiday, which is a relief.
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