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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Men and Grief

Great post up over in the feministing community about "disenfranchised grief" and men. Rachel In WY says:
So as I've been thinking about this it occurs to me that men may often experience disenfranchised grief more often than women, because it's more socially acceptable for women to express their grief, and because men are often expected not to have the same depth of feeling. I've known several men who really wanted children, and were deeply emotionally invested in having a family. When they (and their partner) encountered infertility or miscarriage, their grief was barely even acknowledged, while their partner received a lot of support. When men do express their grief over infertility or a miscarriage, or don't "get over it" quickly enough, they're viewed with a mixture of confusion and disapproval. So I think this is one example of the damage a patriarchal culture inflicts on men. What do you think of this? Are there other examples of disenfranchised grief I haven't thought of? Are there cases where a woman's grief is more disenfranchised than a man's?
Go check out her whole post, and the comments.


geo said...

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BASTA! said...

> So I think this is one example
> of the damage a patriarchal
> culture inflicts on men.


Men being shut down emotionally is not a result or part of "patriarchal culture", whatever this thoroughly fake, countercognitive term is supposed to mean. It is the intended result of decades of ideological harassment and "problematizing" by hostile feminist discourse. A drying-up tree sheds branches. An oppressed group identity sheds varieties and nucleizes itself into a teeth-gnashing, deconstruction-resistant kernel of base notions.

In 19th century men had no problems expressing grief.

jeff said...

BASTA!--You seem to be the only one doing the teeth-gnashing at the moment, but thanks for chiming in.