"The women of Bikini Kill let guitarist Billy Karren be in their feminist punk band, but only if he's willing to just "do some shit." Being a feminist dude is like that. We may ask you to "do some shit" for the band, but you don't get to be Kathleen Hannah."--@heatherurehere

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hey. Is this thing on? Anybody there? Bueller?

Sound off if you are lazy about your RSS feed and still subscribe to this blog. And when you sound off, please let me know about a pro-feminist-men blog that you like, because I'm way out of the loop at this point. And I want to be in-loop.


Mary Tracy said...

I am here, still subscribed, still reading and still interested in what feminist men have to say :)

jeff said...

Thank you, Mary Tracy! As long as I have one actual reader, it makes sense to post. Are there any other male feminists you enjoy reading regularly?

Bonnie said...

Hey, I'm here too, still interested in what you have to say.

One male feminist I like (well, he doesn't actually say "male feminist" on his blog, but he does write about gender roles and masculine identies) is Critical Masculinities.

jeff said...

Hi Bonnie! Thank you for the link...that's exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to get from y'all. I used to read CM, and somehow it fell off of my radar!

Anonymous said...

Hugo Schwyzer blogs over at http://hugoschwyzer.net/

http://xyonline.net/blog is authored by Bill Patrick, and the site publishes a variety of articles

jeff said...

Thanks for the links, Matt--I do have both hugo and XY on my radar (and on the blogroll). Love them both!