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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Missing Out, but Lots of Good Stuff to Read

#BuyComcsByWomen experiment continues. For a year I'm only buying comics with at least one female writer or artist. 


  • Princeless Raven Pirate Princess #1 Writer: Jeremy Whitley   Art: Rosy Higgins   Cover: Rosy Higgins  -- I'm jumping on the Princeless bandwagon late, I know, but I'm excited to check this out.
  • Archie #1 Writer: Mark Waid   Art: Fiona Staples   Cover: Fiona Staples  -- Mostly picking this one up for the cognitive dissonance of looking at Staples' Saga art and her Archie art.
  • Constantine The Hellblazer #2 Writer: Ming Doyle   Art: Riley Rossmo   Cover: Riley Rossmo  -- I don't think I'll ever be a fan of non-Vertigo John Constantine, but I'll probably always be a fan of Ming Doyle, so I'm going to keep reading this for a bit. 
  • Section 8 #2 Writer: Garth Ennis   Art: John McCrea   Cover: Amanda Conner  -- I haven't read an Ennis book that I liked in ages (ok, Caliban was pretty great), but this is a pure nostalgia buy for me, I'll cop to that. Hitman was just really fun for a time in my life, and I like seeing Ennis fuck around in the DC playground, and I'm digging Conner's covers.
  • Swords Of Sorrow #3 Writer: Gail Simone   Art: Sergio Fernandez Davila   Cover: Tula Lotay  -- This stuff is just plain fun, and who resists Tula Lotay covers?
  • Injection #3 Writer: Warren Ellis   Art: Declan Shalvey   Cover: Declan Shalvey  Colorist: Jordie Bellaire -- I'm liking this more than any Ellis stuff in a while, and I'm grateful for Bellaire, who seems to be coloring every other comic I'm buying these days.
  • Saga #30 Writer: Brian K. Vaughan   Art: Fiona Staples   Cover: Fiona Staples  -- I have a secret: I'm not reading this book. I'm getting them and saving them for a time when I am not finding any comics I'm liking, because I know I'll love these.
  • Shutter #13 Writer: Joe Keatinge   Art: Leila Del Duca   Cover: Leila Del Duca -- Del Duca has become a must-buy artist for me, and this story is a really nice mix of real-world feelings in a crazy world. 

  • God Is Dead #38 Writer: Mike Costa   Art: Emiliano Urdinola   Cover: Jacen Burrows  -- Still bummed that one of my favorite nutso comics is off the buy pile for lack of women creators. 
  • Providence #2 Writer: Alan Moore   Art: Jacen Burrows   Cover: Jacen Burrows  -- I suspect I'll cheat and pick this up as a trade next year. I have a hard time resisting Lovecraftian storytelling.  
  • Abe Sapien #24 Writer: Mike Mignola   Art: Sebastian Fiumara   Cover: Max Fiumara  -- There has never been a female creator in any of the Mignolaverse. Ever. Still. 
  • Harrow County #3 Writer: Cullen Bunn   Art: Tyler Crook   Cover: Tyler Crook -- I dig all the folks working on this book, and the reviews are solid. Missing out for sure. 
  • Negative Space #1 Writer: Ryan Lindsay   Art: Owen Gieni   Cover: Owen  Gieni -- The writeup for this seem really interesting. Maybe there will be some women working on it later...
  • Black Science #16 -- Definitely missing out on this crazy sci-fi. Writer: Rick Remender   Art: Matteo Scalera   Cover: Matteo Scalera  
  • Descender #5 -- I'm sure Lemire and Nguyen are crafting some great work here--I know I'm missing out. Writer: Jeff Lemire   Art: Dustin Nguyen   Cover: Dustin Nguyen 
  • Star Wars Lando #1 -- There are 11 creators listed on this book, with all the variant covers. Not one is a woman. Writer: Charles Soule   Art: Alex Maleev 

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