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Thursday, August 20, 2015

#BuyComicsByWomen: The "Kurt Busiek Hates Me Now" Edition

Continuing my experiment where I only buy comics that have a female artist or writer. This week, I got to talk to one of my writer heroes, Kurt Busiek, and alienate him forever! Ah well. He's a good guy, and a fantastic writer.  I really hope he'll be working with more women in the future.  It really does seem like some of the most prominent male writers and artists in comics don't understand that they, too, are gatekeepers.

Yep Pile:

  • Power Up #2(Writer: Kate Leth   Art: Matt Cummings   Cover: Matt Cummings)  While I wasn't blown away by #1, I enjoy Leth's work enough to give this a few more issues to grow on me.
  • Welcome Back #1(Writer: Christopher Sebela   Art: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer   Cover: Elsa Charretier) This one is pretty hyped, and I'm excited to try it. I haven't read anything by Sebela and Sawyer before, but if I can find the Charretier cover, I'm gonna pick it up.
  • Secret Six #5 (Bombshells Variant Cover)DC Comics: August 19, 2015   Writer: Gail Simone   Art: Dale Eaglesham   Cover: Emanuela Lupacchino) I know everybody loves Simone's Secret Six--it's not my favorite of her work, oddly enough; still, the new-to-me characters, and the "Bombshells" variant cover won me over. 
  • Swords Of Sorrow Thoris Adler #3(Writer: Leah Moore   Art: Francisco Manna   Cover: Jay Anacleto)  I say it every week--these are some of the most fun comics out right now. Pulpy goodness.  
  • Swords Of Sorrow Vampirella Jennifer Blood #4(Writer: Nancy A. Collins   Art: Dave Acosta   Cover: Billy Tan) See above.
  •  Island #2(Writer: Brandon Graham   Art: Brandon Graham   Cover: Emma Rios) This is the comic I'm most excited about at the moment--it feels like a possible shift for the industry. Or at least a fun experiment. 
  • Rat Queens #11 Writer: Kurtis J. Wiebe    Cover: Stjepan Sejic  artist:Tamra Bonvillain artist: Tess Fowler You had me at Tess Fowler. This is also one of the most oddly feminist comics being sold today, I think.
  •  Revival #32(Writer: Tim Seeley   Art: Mike Norton   Cover: Jenny Frison)  Still a solid story with feet planted in the horror genre.Runaways #3(Writer: Noelle Stevenson   Art: Sanford Greene   Cover: Sanford Greene) Somehow I missed the debut of this! Now I have to catch up! 

Nope Pile

  • Young Terrorists #1 (Writer: Matt Pizzolo   Art: Amancay Nahuelpan   Cover: Amancay Nahuelpan ) I know nothing about Nahuelpan or Pizzolo, but this sounded interesting.
  • B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth #134 #25(Writer: Mike Mignola   Art: Julian Totino Tedesco   Cover: Laurence Campbell) 134 issues without a woman writer or artist! Some kind of record. 
  • Astro City #26(Writer: Kurt Busiek   Art: Brent Eric Anderson   Cover: Alex Ross) I miss this title. I got a few in when Wendy Broome was a guest colorist, but I'm going to leave this one be until there is a regular female artist on it. It's a loss.
  • Dr Fate #3(Writer: Paul Levitz   Art: Sonny Liew   Cover: Sonny Liew) I missed that Liew was doing the art on this one. He's one of the few artists I'll buy on principle, ever since My Faith in Frankie. Sad I'm missing this one.
  • Martian Manhunter #3(Writer: Rob Williams   Art: Eddy Barrows   Cover: Eddy Barrows) I've always loved this character, but haven't loved the last few incarnations--I'd love to give this one a shot, but it will have to wait.
  • Mantle #4(Writer: Ed Brisson   Art: Brian Level   Cover: Brian Level )I loved Brisson's Sheltered, and this one looks so fun and different. Missing out.
  • Wolf #2(Writer: Ales Kot   Art: Matt Taylor   Cover: Matt Taylor) Probably my favorite writer these days; I'll console myself by reading and re-reading The Surface.
  • Trees #12(Writer: Warren Ellis   Art: Jason Howard   Cover: Jason Howard) Similar to my sadness about Kot, I'll console myself with Ellis' Injection.
  • Star Wars #8(Writer: Jason Aaron   Art: John Cassaday   Cover: John Cassada) The series just looks so fun, and I love Aaron and Cassaday. I'm glad they get to sell billions of comics.

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