"The women of Bikini Kill let guitarist Billy Karren be in their feminist punk band, but only if he's willing to just "do some shit." Being a feminist dude is like that. We may ask you to "do some shit" for the band, but you don't get to be Kathleen Hannah."--@heatherurehere

Friday, July 13, 2007

Traditional Gender Norms Comics Roundup

As usual, you can click on the image to get a slightly bigger version. (I really need to change the blog layout so that the larger versions fit on the page...)

Mr. Boffo tells us that men really need women, but only to ogle:

The Fusco Brothers gives us some not-so-hot man-on-man action:

Monty explains that feminists don't get scared or need hugs:

On the other hand, Rymes with Orange manages to put a fine point on part of the so-called immigration debate and the value of housework:
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