"The women of Bikini Kill let guitarist Billy Karren be in their feminist punk band, but only if he's willing to just "do some shit." Being a feminist dude is like that. We may ask you to "do some shit" for the band, but you don't get to be Kathleen Hannah."--@heatherurehere

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Men Doing Feminist Work: Men's Resources International

This week I'd like to introduce you to an organization called Men's Resources International. Focusing on new models of masculinity in order to help men embrace compassion, caring and love, and in order to help men stop violence that men cause, MRI holds training seminars around the world which help men change the traditional face of masculinity. Though it looks like what they mostly do is train trainers--they train people who do gender training--they seem to be an organization that is just a wealth of information, and I think they have a great attitude about how men ought to change traditional conceptions of masculinity.

From their site:
-- We believe that men are naturally loving, caring, and sensitive.
-- We know that there are men around the world who are eager to learn how to support women and end violence.
-- Our vision is a global network of women and men working together for unity and peace in our families and communities.
-- Our mission is to mobilize networks of men allied with women for violence prevention and positive masculinity.

Men’s Resources International (MRI) helps men around the globe practice and promote a healthy, compassionate, and responsible model of masculinity. Our approach is to identify and support men’s networks in all stages of development, and provide training, coaching, materials, and technical assistance to help these networks grow in size and effectiveness and to connect with other like-minded men and women’s organizations. All of our programs welcome male and female participants, and promote community-based leadership with men and women as partners. We use participatory, experiential education to promote personal growth, leadership development and organizational sustainability.

They've got a great page full of resources, a discussion board (though there doesn't seem to be a lot of discussion going on there), and a blog (of course!). Check them out.
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