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Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Mariners Taking Domestic Violence Seriously -

The Seattle Mariners have set a good example for others (particularly sports franchises) with their handling of pitcher Julio Mateo. Mateo was arrested nearly three months ago for allegedly biting, hitting and strangling his wife.

Mateo was going to be playing for the Mariners this season, though unlikely to be a "major" player. After his arrest the Mariners suspended Mateo for 10 days without pay and then optioned him to their Class AAA minor league franchise. They did not bring Mateo up to the majors again despite a number of times when it would have helped the team.

Now Mateo has been traded the the Phillies.

The Mariners have a "Refuse to Abuse" campaign which they enforced. The Mariners' President stated:

"We believe in second chances. We helped him get one. But for us, it's just an absolute rule. You don't do that."

I'm grateful that the Mariners have been consistent in this matter in support of ending domestic violence. Perhaps someday this will be the norm!

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